About Ed King

Artist Statement

UntitledI started out doing sculptural work in college, both clay and wood work, and dove into print making, but then came to the conclusion I wanted to try my hand at being a serious “for real” painter. I had always liked the Impressionists and Post Impressionists more than any other art movement, though I also like expressionism and cubist works. I like realism with a small element of abstraction. I find total realism, can get boring at times. I’m always striving to better myself as a painter and try to maintain the element of spontaneity. I am rather proficient at ceramic hand building and some wood working but I chose to zero in on painting and like to work from life as much as possible.

I have worked on a horse farm for years and years, so elements of nature and the weather are always evident in my work.


  • MFA Pratt Institute in NYC
  • Also attended VCU